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Cottage Lifting

Cottage / House Lifting Contractors in Haliburton Just a Call Away

With time, when a cottage or a house becomes old, it starts to sink lower than the actual level. Are you facing the same problem? Cranberry Cove has experienced house lifting contractors in Haliburton who can easily lift your cottage from the ground level with just a few steps.

We are a team of house lifting contractors in Haliburton, insured, licensed, and skilled to do this heavy lifting work. We will follow the given below steps once you hire us for house lifting service.

Steps Followed by Our House Lifting Contractors Site Visit:

Our first job will be to visit the site where the house or the cottage is located. After the site inspection, we will create the exact plan we will follow and drawings will be created too. Furthermore, plans and permits will be submitted once everything is finalized.

Engineering Approval:

Before doing anything, you need to take the correct measurements for the required depths and loads. Ensuring that all plans and designs have a seal of approval is a must. Once the seal of approval is given, our house lifting contractors can move ahead with the plan.

House Lifting:

Your cottage or house will be lifted from the ground several feet above with the help of hydraulic jacks. The whole team of house lifting contractors will be there to carry out the process to make sure there are no structural damages.

New Foundations Laid:

To make the work successful by our house lifting contractors for your Haliburton home, a new foundation will need to be laid out. This new foundation and new beams will be installed under the existing structure of your home.

House Laid On Foundation:

After the new foundation is laid, your house or cottage or home will be laid on the new beams and foundation to bring it to a new height. This will complete the full process of house lifting by our house lifting contractors in Haliburton.

Why Contact Our House Lifting Contractors In Haliburton? Do you require more space?

Are you thinking of making more space for your house or cottage? House lifting is a good way to do that. You will be able to put a new floor for your house, especially if you prefer to make a basement. Our house lifting contractors in Haliburton will help you put up a new floor for your basement. This will save you money a lot instead of putting a new floor above your roof.

It Is Better Than Moving Altogether

Instead of shifting to a new home and neighborhood, it is always time and money-saving to lift your house. You can avoid the cost of selling and purchasing a house. Also, the more money you spend on house lifting, the more it will increase the value of the house.

Protecting Your House From Flood

This is one of the biggest reasons why you need to hire our house lifting contractor in Haliburton. Riverside houses can easily get affected if there is heavy rain. Your house could also be situated in a low bank area which can damage the house. Our house lifting contractor will lift your house to protect 9it from the flood and prevent water from entering your house.

Lift Your Home With The Latest Technology

With the help of our house lifting contractor in Haliburton, you can easily lift your house or cottage. As we have been working in this industry for years, we are upgraded on all the technologies used in the service. Affordable cost, the latest technology, and an experienced team will give you the most satisfactory result for your house lifting service in Haliburton.