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There are so many ways that could go wrong! I like to imagine that the underwear continued their performance from inside the dentist office trashcan, serenading anyone else who visited the facilities throughout the day. Imagine the most embarrassing thing that could happen involving underwear. There are so many things! Also, it was definitely a ringtone and definitely not a pair of underwear that randomly started singing.

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Because that would be so weird, right? I should buy my significant other some singing underwear! Out of all the many pairs of underwear you have in your drawer, how many of them sing?

Sexy woman shows lace panties and infuriates women

Why would you assume they would start singing? Because why would it?!

Husband asks wife for 'underwear pictures' – gets dog in pants instead | Metro News

As far as she knew, she was putting on a pair of regular if somewhat wildly decorated underwear! Funny Fails. You may want to put down your coffee before reading ahead. Our story comes from a woman who received singing underwear from a boyfriend. And it happened.

Her underwear started singing. Just take a second to picture this scenario.

Because your family is counting on you.

She tried her best to play it off. Honestly, the ringtone excuse was pretty smart. She ran into the bathroom and ripped the offending underwear off. But for real, this story is wrecking me.

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And that was the end of that pair of underwear. This story makes me want to curl up in a corner. At least she can laugh at it now, though.

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Kudos to this woman for sharing her story!